The Best Cities for Young Professionals

May 1, 2017 — A friend of mine is contemplating a move to California sometime this summer to test his computer science skills in the Silicon Valley.

Good thing that the number one city for young professionals is San Francisco, according to

San Francisco also tops the best city for young professionals on and ranks #3 on . IT also ranks as #1 in the Best Cities for Young Tech professionals, according to Time Magazine, so it looks like it is the best place for him.

I enjoyed San Francisco when I traveled there for business years ago. I always said I wanted to back and now it looks like I may have my chance.




The 25 best sports movies of all time

041414-sportsmovies-fieldofdreamsstill-vnocropresize-940-529-medium-87September 23, 2016 – In honor of baseball’s upcoming playoffs (better luck next year Phillies) and the football excitement that has returned to Philadelphia and the Eagles, courtesy of Carson Wentz, here is Time Magazine’s all-time 25 best sports movies.

It’s nice to see four baseball movies made the list, namely Bull Durham, Eight Men Out, Field of Dreams, and Major League, but there should have been a few more. What about Pride of the Yankees or The Natural?

Just about every sport imaginable is represented, even the obscure ones like synchronized swimming. It is a little odd that the only football movie is The Freshman from 1925. I never saw it but I’ll go out on a limb and say they could have made a better choice.

The Moody States of America

downloadOctober 25,2013 – Do you feel out-of-place, or unable to relate to your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers? Perhaps moving to the state that better suits your personality will cure you of your ills.

“Time” magazine released data this week, researched by a group led by American psychologist Jason Rentfrow, that maps the American mood with state-by-state ratings of personality and temperament. By gathering personality test data from over one million people, the group identified distinct personality regions in the country, and by taking a simple test, you can discover where you belong.

Take the test and read the full article

According to the test, my best fit is Georgia, because the Peach State is friendly and conventional, relaxed and creative, and temperamental and uninhibited. Supposedly I am too. I’ve visited Georgia a few times, and it was agreeable because my stays occurred in the fall and winter. I’m not sure I would like the climate during the summer. As far as sports, I could never call myself a Braves or Falcons fan, so scientific data aside, I think I’ll stay in Pennsylvania for now.

Still, it is nice to know I have a place to run to that would understand me should I need to make a quick getaway.